All Weathervanes

There's no better way to incorporate a look of country charm into even the most suburban home than by adding an old-fashioned weathervane to your roof or garden. These handy tools were originally designed to tell farmers which way the wind was blowing, but Outdoor Furniture Plus carries a variety of decorative versions that are made to simply add a bit of whimsy to your outdoor space.

If you're searching for a classic weathervane just like the ones found on old farmhouses, you'll love the Verdigris and the Polished Copper Rooster weathervanes, both of which feature proud roosters at their tops and the first letters of each direction at the bottom. Other options feature sailboats, horses, and even flying witches in order to offer a weathervane just for your unique interests. With weather-resistant materials that require no maintenance, these garden weathervanes are fun and quirky additions to your home.