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Whether you prefer the sleek, clean lines of more modern styles or the elaborately decorated look of traditional furniture, Woodard patio furniture offers something for every homeowner. This reliable brand has over 140 years of experience in the outdoor furniture business, skillfully crafting durable furniture for both residential and commercial uses. From the Aluminum Poolside Series to the Wrought Iron Cafe' Series, Outdoor Furniture Plus carries pieces from all of Woodard's most popular furniture collections.

Woodard offers patio dining sets, chaise lounges, outdoor sofas and many other high quality items that are both stylish and resistant to moisture and wear. For home or business, these fashionable outdoor furniture series will create a comfortable, streamlined feel in any outdoor area. Purchasing Woodard patio furniture from Outdoor Furniture Plus also ensures reliability from the time you order and for years of frequent use afterward.

Woodard Dining Tables

Woodard In Stock Wrought Iron Cafe' Series

Woodard Aluminum Poolside Series

Woodard Aluminum Occasional Tables

Woodard Wrought Iron Occasional Tables

Woodard Bistro Tables

Woodard Counter & Bar Tables

Woodard Wrought Iron Dining & Occasional Furniture

Woodard Alberti Aluminum Collection

Woodard Andover Aluminum Collection

Woodard Apollo Aluminum Collection

Woodard Aruba Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Woodard Augusta Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Woodard Belden Aluminum Collection

Woodard Briarwood Wrought Iron Collection

Woodard Cane Aluminum Furniture

Woodard Cape Outdoor Woven Furniture

Woodard Casa Aluminum Collection

Woodard Cayman Isle Aluminum Collection

Woodard Colfax Outdoor Aluminum Furniture

Woodard Constantine Wrought Iron Collection

Woodard Cortland Aluminum Collection

Woodard Delphi Aluminum Furniture

Woodard Fremont Outdoor Aluminum Furniture

Woodard Loft Woven Collection

Woodard Lorenzo Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Woodard Montecito Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Woodard New Century Iron Collection

Woodard Parc Outdoor Aluminum Furniture

Woodard River Run Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Woodard Saddleback Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Woodard Salona Outdoor Aluminum Furniture

Woodard San Michelle Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Woodard Sheffield Wrought Iron Collection

Woodard Sommerwind Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Woodard Sonoma Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Woodard Terrace Wrought Iron Collection

Woodard Tucson Wrought Iron Furniture

Woodard Turner Wrought Iron Furniture

Woodard Valencia Wrought Iron Collection

Woodard Wiltshire Aluminum Collection

Woodard All Weather Dining Wicker Furniture

Woodard Windsor Aluminum Furniture

Woodard Andover Replacement Cushions

Woodard Aruba Replacement Cushions

Woodard Augusta Replacement Cushions

Woodard Belden Replacement Cushions

Woodard Belden Replacement Slings

Woodard Belden Replacement Padded Slings

Woodard Briarwood Relacement Cushions

Woodard Cayman Isle Replacement Cushions

Woodard Cayman Isle Replacement Slings

Woodard Cayman Isle Replacement Padded Slings

Woodard Cortland Replacement Cushions

Woodard Cortland Replacement Slings

Woodard Cortland Replacement Padded Slings

Woodard Montecito Replacement Cushions

Woodard River Run Replacement Cushions

Woodard Saddleback Replacement Cushions

Woodard Salona Replacement Cushions

Woodard Sonoma Replacement Cushions

Woodard Terrace Replacement Cushions

Woodard Wiltshire Replacement Cushions