All Firewood Racks

Functional yet artistic, our elegant outdoor firewood racks for sale offer a new way to keep your supplies well-organized and protected from the elements, ensuring that you have a reliable stock of firewood on hand at all times. This selection includes both uncovered and covered firewood racks to keep wood clean and dry. We carry a huge selection of highly unique firewood racks, including a round outdoor firewood rack hoop and a log style firewood rack, to help meet the needs of your exact outdoor design scheme. 

Our stainless steel, black coated racks have the capacity to hold up to an entire cord of firewood, depending on which option you choose. We also carry small firewood racks that are perfect for the cabin or outdoor fire place that take up as little as two feet of space. You can add a handy firewood rack cover, when available, for just a few extra dollars to help keep your stock well-protected.