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For old-time charm, its hard to beat a swing. Mounted on a porch, in the garden or practically anywhere else, a swing offers a reassuring and warm welcome to all who see it. You, your family and guests will find yourselves spending hours in your swing, enjoying the gentle relaxation it brings, whether for casual conversation or quiet contemplation.

Outdoor Furniture Plus offers an outstanding selection of Garden Swings, Bed Swings and Swing Sets that let you choose exactly the right swing for your space. Our swings are available in a variety of materials, colors and designs, giving you maximum decorative options. Pick a two-seat or three-seat swing to casually while away the hours with friends or loved ones. Whether you are a solitary thinker or want to unleash your inner child, consider one of our unique single English swings.

We carry bed swings perfect for a lazy afternoon of reading or napping. If you want to have a swing in your backyard or just about anywhere else, consider one of our freestanding swing sets, which give you everything you need, including frames, swings and hardware, for easy setup.