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At Outdoor Furniture Plus, we wholeheartedly agree with the maxim that the best customer is a well-informed customer. That’s particularly important for appreciating the types of high-quality outdoor furniture we carry. To accomplish those ends, we have provided our Outdoor Furniture Learning Center and Product Information here.

Arranged in neat categories, the links below will lead you to articles that will help you learn just about everything you ever wanted to know about the different types of outdoor furniture as well as their care and keeping. Confused about the difference between shorea and teak woods? Wondering about the best outdoor furniture to use poolside? Perplexed about how to give your outdoor furniture the longest life with the least hassle and expense? Read on for everything you always wanted to know about outdoor furniture but were afraid to ask.

Think of these links as your personal outdoor furniture learning center workstations. After sitting down and reading the articles that interest you, you will know more about outdoor furniture than 99 percent of the population.

Still have questions? Check back to this page often, because we will frequently update it. And if you can’t find the answers to the questions you have, contact us via our toll-free phone number or email. Our friendly, knowledgeable customer service associates will be happy to help.


Product Informational Articles:

Teak Wood vs Shorea Wood - What is this shorea wood?  And why does it look so similar to teak?  With this article we outline the differences and similarities between Teak and Shorea Wood.

Red Cedar vs White Cedar vs Pine Woods - We are frequently asked what the difference is between these three woods. It's also an unknown as to which wood is best for outdoor furniture and which type should be on your radar to purchase. Learm about the differences her to help you make an educated decision!

Benefits of fire pits vs outdoor fireplaces - When building an outdoor area to spend time during those cool summer/fall nights, you will want some sort of heating component to keep your guests around to enjoy the after hours. The biggest questions is whether you will want a fire pit or a fireplace. Let's explore.

How much wood will different size log racks hold? - It's hard to predict how much wood you will need for a winter. One winter you may need a cord of firewood then the next you may need almost none. What you can predict is how much wood you can have on hand and how much wood different wood racks will hold. Learn what size firewood rack to order to be able to store just the right amount of wood for you.

What size umbrella should I buy for my picnic table? - With the ever changing direction of the sun and the need for coverage on your picnic table it can sometimes be hard to determine what size umbrella to purchase. Let us shed some light on issues to consider when making that decision.

Best Furniture for Use by the Pool - Get free tips on the best furniture to use by your pool with this handy guide from Outdoor Furniture Plus.

Selecting the Best size Bench or Swing - Get just the right size bench or swing for your porch, patio or yard with this free and easy guide from Outdoor Furniture Plus.

Is All Teak Furniture Made the Same? - Learn how to buy the best teak outdoor furniture with this free, handy guide from Outdoor Furniture Plus.

Outdoor Bars, Bar Sets and Bar Furniture - Get selection, quality and low prices with the outdoor bars, bar sets and bar furniture from Outdoor Furniture Plus.

Outdoor Aluminum Chairs, Bar Stools & Patio Furniture - Get modern looks and easy care with the outdoor aluminum furniture available with free shipping from Outdoor Furniture Plus.

Outdoor Wrought Iron Patio Furniture & Sets- Get durability, classic looks and discounted prices on outdoor wrought iron patio furniture and sets from Outdoor Furniture Plus. 


Product Care Articles:

Oil Based Stains vs Water Based Stains - It can be very confusing what stains are appropriate to use to freshen up or protect your outdoor furniture.  We outline the pros and cons of using each.  And point out facts like you can't finish a piece with an oil based stain after it has already been finished with a water based one.  And once it's been applied there are no visual differences but there are recommended woods to use with each.

Types of Stains & Sealers - Get to know your stains and sealers for outdoor wood furniture with these tips from Outdoor Furniture Plus.

Cleaning & Maintaining your Outdoor Furniture - Clean and preserve your wood or poly outdoor furniture with these free tips from Outdoor Furniture Plus.

How to Paint or Stain a Picnic Table - Follow these free, easy steps from Outdoor Furniture Plus to paint, stain or refinish your picnic table or benches successfully.

Which Paint or Stain do I use on my Outdoor Furniture - Selecting to paint or stain your outdoor furniture is not always an easy decision. After making an investment in a good piece of furniture, you often want to protect it as much as you can from the outdoor elements. Let us help you in the decision process.