All Woodard Dining Tables

If you are looking to combine classic style with modern functionality, consider the Woodard Wrought Iron and Aluminum Outdoor Dining Tables available from Outdoor Furniture Plus. These tables offer all the old-fashioned good looks and solidity of wrought iron furniture. At the same time, they are easy to care for and extremely durable. You can choose from traditional wrought iron tables as well as lightweight aluminum tables.

Our Woodard dining tables are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles, giving you the ability to suit practically any space or number of diners. Choose from square, rectangular or round tabletops with conventional or pedestal bases. Solid tabletops are available, but you can also pick mesh table tops, meaning rain water and other precipitation won't pool on top of the table when it rains. We have Woodard tables suitable for just one or two diners as well as larger models appropriate for bigger groups.