All Dining Tables

If you want to take full advantage of nice weather outside, an outdoor table will provide a perfect centerpiece for good conversation as well as a useful platform for holding meals, drinks, snacks and other items. Outdoor Furniture Plus carries a huge selection of Outdoor Dining, Bar, Coffee and Tea Tables that provides you with choices to suit just about any space or budget. Made by some of the worlds top manufacturers of outdoor furniture, these pieces are attractive and will stand up to the extra demands that outside service makes on furniture.

Pick from patio tables suitable for small spaces and intimate conversations as well as dining tables of all sizes to accommodate everything from a romantic dinner to a large family meal. If you are looking for space-saving versatility, check out our outdoor extension tables, which you can adjust according to the day or evenings group you expect.

We have plenty of outdoor coffee tables perfect for holding drinks and snacks and encouraging conversation. For elegant afternoons or evenings, consider one of our wheeled tea trolleys and serving carts. These would be particularly appropriate for garden parties, although they are so handsome and useful you may want to make them permanent installations in your outdoor space.

These outdoor tables come in a variety of materials, ranging from all types of wood to metal and resin. For accompanying chairs, check out our Dining Chairs & Stools.