All Sundials

Although we've long since replaced the ancient sundial with things like calendars and clocks, these historic time-telling devices are still incredibly fascinating items that many people love to collect. If you'd like to add an outdoor sundial to your porch, patio or garden area, Outdoor Furniture Plus carries a wide selection of decorative sundials that are made to look just like the original ones that date all the way back to 3500 B.C. While authentic outdoor sundials reflect the sun's rays to tell people the time, these replica versions are simply used as decorative elements in a stylish outdoor patio area.

All our garden sundials are made with pre-weathered finishes to make them look like true antiques, and this also keeps them incredibly resistant to the outdoor elements. Traditional flat, circular garden sundials like the Frog and the Dragonfly are decorated with animals and other creatures, while modern options like the Golfer sundial portray your favorite hobbies in a fun, new way.