How to Paint or Stain a Picnic Table


 When the weather's fine, few things beat sharing a meal with family or friends outside. A picnic table on your patio or in your back yard provides a perfect platform for sharing meals, conversation and fun. Outdoor Furniture Plus offers a big assortment of painted outdoor picnic tables and benches, such as our Traditional Picnic Table.

To make your outdoor table last and to keep it looking good, nothing beats painting or staining it. Here are a few tips to get the best results from finishing your outdoor picnic table and benches.


Whether you are working on an unfinished outdoor bench or picnic table or want to refinish a bench or table that is showing signs of its age, make sure to use a high-quality outdoor furniture stain for best results. Look for non-drip formulas that will be easy to apply in an even coat and won't make a mess. Also make sure to look for stains or paints that provide water sealing and waterproofing to your table and benches. Used on a regular basis, top-quality paints and stains will help your table and benches stand up to the weather and will add years of life to them.

Outdoor wood bench finishes and stain or paint for picnic tables come in two main categories: water based and oil based. Oil-based finishes and paints generally are considered to be more durable and to offer more protection to the underlying wood. On the other hand, they are less environmentally friendly than water-based formulas and tend to give off a strong odor. Water-based paints and stains are easy to clean up with soap and water, whereas oil-based products require mineral spirits for cleaning up paint brushes, drips and spills.

Before you begin finishing, painting or refinishing your picnic table, make sure to brush off dust, dirt and debris. Then clean the surface of the table and benches thoroughly with soap and water. Once the surfaces are completely dry, your furniture is almost ready for painting or staining.

Before painting or staining, sand your picnic table and benches with fine-grit sandpaper. This will help make each coat adhere better and is especially important with refinishing. Clean and let the table and benches dry completely again.

Painting or staining is a cinch. Choose a good-quality paintbrush and apply your paint or stain liberally. After you have selected the right paint or stain for your job, make sure to read and follow the instructions on the label. Try to spread the coating as evenly as possible to provide a solid, consistent color and to avoid leaving telltale brushstrokes. It is usually a good idea to provide more than one coat. A second coat adds extra looks and durability.


Clean up your paintbrushes and tools and let your picnic table and benches dry. Now all you have to do is prepare to picnic!

Interested in purchasing Painted Picnic Tables? We have three very common styles of picnic tables that we go ahead and paint for you! Besides the Cross Leg Table and the Traditional Picnic Table, we also have the Traditional Table available with Backed Benches!



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