All Regal Teak

Among materials for outdoor furniture, teak truly is regal. It is naturally beautiful, elegant and resistant to the elements. So its entirely appropriate that a company that provides a premium line of outdoor teak furniture goes by the name of Regal Teak. Outdoor Furniture Plus is proud to present our outstanding collection of Regal Teak Outdoor Benches, Planters and Furniture.

You can find practically anything here to decorate just about any spot outdoors. If you have a green thumb or just like the decorative accent live plants provide, we offer Regal Teak planters in various shapes and sizes. Your beautiful plants will look even more beautiful growing and thriving in teak containers. We also carry Regal Teak tree benches that offer perfect seating under your favorite tree. Kick back in a Regal Teak rocking bench or accent your garden with a Regal Teak backless bench.

Our Regal Teak storage hampers, chests and other storage products are perfect poolside or just about anywhere else you need organization and protection for your possessions. We also have a variety of Regal Teak shelves and tables to cut the clutter in just about any space.

For that beach house or other waterside getaway, consider one of our Regal Teak outdoor showers. Theyre great for rinsing off all that salt and sand after a day on the beach. Of course, we also carry handy shower accessories such as Regal Teak shower stools and bath mats.