All POLYWOOD® Outdoor Signature Collection

POLYWOOD®'s Signature Collection is one of the best representations of the beloved outdoor furniture company. Combining sleek, timeless style with durable functionality, these chairs, tables and complete dining sets make the perfect addition to any outdoor space. Whether you're searching for something to place near your pool or to furnish a plant-filled patio, the POLYWOOD® Signature Collection comes in a variety of styles and colors to help you create the perfect look.

All POLYWOOD® Signature Collection pieces are made with the brand's patented poly wood material, an HDPE lumber made from recycled, eco-friendly materials to look and feel just like real wood. Poly wood is actually more durable than traditional wood, however, because it doesn't absorb moisture, is resistant to rotting or splitting and requires almost no maintenance. Order from Outdoor Furniture Plus and get free shipping over $100 on anything from the POLYWOOD® Signature Collection.