All Berlin Gardens Product Care

Although the careful construction and premium materials used by Berlin Gardens make its outdoor furniture extremely low maintenance, these American-made pieces do need an occasional cleaning. To help you get the most out of your outdoors ensemble, Outdoor Furniture Plus carries a big selection of Berlin Gardens outdoor furniture cleaning products. Specially formulated by this Berlin, Ohio, company, these furniture care products will keep your outdoor furniture looking great and help every piece last longer, whether you have Berlin Gardens furniture or outdoor pieces made by another company.

These products are designed to work with many types of materials and serve a variety of purposes. Besides cleaning, some of these products, like our Berlin Gardens fabric cleaner, provide UV blocking to help shield your valuable outdoor furniture and accessories from the suns harmful ultraviolet rays. Fabric cleaner is a smart way to extend the life of umbrellas, cushions and other fabrics. Other products are formulated for repelling water, removing bird droppings and dealing with tough stains. We also carry all-purpose cleaners from Berlin Gardens that will preserve and beautify your outdoor furniture ensemble.