All Shorea Furniture

Constructed from a tropical hardwood that is inherently resistant to decay, insects and marring, shorea wood furniture provides long-term quality and a gorgeous, all-natural aesthetic for your outdoor green space. Shorea wood is more abundant than many other types of wood that are traditionally used to build outdoor furniture, such as similarly colored teak, so it's typically a more affordable, eco-friendly decor option. Between the natural resilience of the wood and Outdoor Furniture Plus' devotion to grade-A craftsmanship, you can rest easy knowing you're getting a sturdy piece of shorea wood patio furniture when you shop this selection.

Whether you're in the market for a laid-back shorea lounge chair, a charming shorea rocking chair or a chic shorea bar chair, our assortment shorea chairs includes a style that's right for your unique artistic angle. Built for comfort and longevity, each piece uses unfinished shorea wood and long-lasting building materials such as stainless steel hardware to ensure that you get unsurpassed quality. We also offer cozy shorea benches, including extra-long garden benches that would complement any English or traditional garden, as well as comfortable shorea Adirondack chairs in this assortment.

Extremely versatile, our shorea outdoor dining tables can be mixed and matched to help you create the ideal dining atmosphere. From long and spacious shorea tables that can accommodate the entire family to charming, small shorea tables that provide a pleasant outdoor breakfast or beverage nook, these pieces are truly attractive and adaptable. Shorea patio tables and side tables make a supremely convenient accessory alongside your shorea seating selection. Don't forget to explore our assortment of high-end shorea planters, including timeless English planters with a classic four-post design, and more at Outdoor Furniture Plus.